Monday, April 3, 2017

"They can't take you unless they find you"

That's what sis. Adamson said to me 2 nights ago. We are quickly becoming best friends and she kind of doesn't want me to leave. Haha! This was SUCH a good week! And so jam-packed! Hopefully I have enough time to write about all this good stuff!

Tuesday we did a service project for a potential investigator named Colleen. She's so cute! And HILARIOUS. She was telling the Elders to lift with their legs and not their backs and was like "Squeeze those butt cheeks!" We were laughing so hard and also mildly horrified. She's like 65-70 haha! We also had an awesome lesson with Mike! He's still on track for baptism April 15th! Woo hoo! Maria is still deciding on the exact date for hers because she really wants her nephew who is Mormon to come down from Spokane to baptize her! Lets just all pray and hope that it's before April 25th so I can be there!

Service project!

Wednesday - District council was SO GOOD. We did a deep study of D&C 4 and dissected every word. It was so cool because Elder Galliger made a list of all the verbs and did an analysis for all of them. Something ironic and awesome that he also pointed out was that the very last verb in the whole section is "knock" and it's the missionary section! Then I went to the mission office and worked on "My plan" aka "Cry plan"... I told Elder Call (mission office missionary) about my name for it and he was cracking up so hard! After that we went back to the church to have interviews! I actually didn't have an interview this time around because I'm "dying" and will be having a departing interview soon *gulp* so I just talked with Sister Lewis. She is really the best. I love her so much! I've been stressing about the future and she was very helpful to me trying to figure this out. :) Then we went back to Moxee and had a great lesson with Connie. She's SO CUTE and the spirit is always so strong when we are around her! Then we found out our investigator, Tom, is in the hospital for his heart! Please keep him in your prayers. After that we went home and had exchanges with our STL's Sister Dungan and Sister Torrez. Sister Dungan came here to be with me in Moxee. It was such a great exchange! She taught me so much. Especially about specific prayer. 

District Council

Sister Dungan, Sister Romeo, Sister Knight

Sister Torrez, Sister Dungan, Sister Powell, Sister Knight

Thursday I woke up with my back hurting SO BAD! I could not stand it! But the work must go on, so I just took some ibuprophen and went on with my day. We had an awesome visit with Haley finally. She's actually struggling really bad right now with some doubts that have crept in. She is praying about baptism in May right now, please remember her, too! We did some cleaning for Sister Johnson that afternoon, which was super satisfying (I love to clean) but also super painful! Then we drove to Yakima so we could exchange back. The sisters really changed up that apartment! (where I lived last year when I was in Yakima with Hermana Dee) and I like it a lot! After we got back we had 2 back to back stellar lessons. I love how busy we are here! It's so refreshing.

Friday we had the most amazing lesson with Britney. It was all about the Plan of Salvation and when we were talking about temple work and eternal families the spirit was so strong. I haven't been in a lesson like that for a while. There were tears shed! I just wish everyone could know how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love them! YOU ARE IMPORTANT. We had dinner with the branch president, Presidente Juarez and his family that night. It was so fun to get to know them better! 

Saturday - General Conference was SO good, huh? I just loved it. :) For the Saturday morning session, we went to the church and watched in English with a bunch of other missionaries and investigators. It was funny because I made the mistake of sitting by Elder Sanchez. He kept tapping his legs, making noises, and trying to prop his pencil up against my leg and then pick it back up without touching my leg!! It was hilarious and obnoxious. We had lunch with Britney and Mike Waters (Albert was still at work). She made the most delicious enchiladas (except for my mom's of course) and then we watched the Saturday Afternoon session with them. It was so good! It was funny because obviously I've been making some goals and plans for the future lately, and then Elder Ballard's talk was all about goals and plans! I was like "Guys! This one is for me!" Then we had dinner with the Romeos. Sister Romeo's friend, Diego, was there and we had another "fuego" lesson with him! He lives in Tacoma so we referred him to the Tacoma mission, and I'm so excited. He's totally going to get baptized. Go member missionary work!! 

Sunday morning we went to the Englewood building and watched General Conference in Spanish, which I absolutely LOVED. I have never watched conference in Spanish before, but it was awesome! Then after that we went to the Pimentel's for lunch (carnitas!!) and then went to Haley's house to watch the afternoon session with her! It was so cool especially to be watching the talk directed towards investigators with my investigator! Last night we were at the Bastillo's house and turns out Brother Bastillos is a chiropractor! I told him about the back pain I've been having for like a year now, and how it was especially bad that week, so he checked it out and turns out I had 2 ribs popped out of place! No wonder! So he worked them back into their spots, which hurt SUPER BAD by the way. And now I'm so sore today! My whole back is like, "what is going on!" and my shoulder and my collar bone! haha. Trying to sleep last night was fun, too. Builds character hopefully!

Us and Lebron (from Ellensburg). We got to see him at conference!


we love carne asada!

I think that's about it! I love you all! See you in THREE WEEKS

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