Monday, April 24, 2017

The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved To Do

I am 22! As of Wednesday! Thank you so much everyone for your sweet emails and letters! My mom sent me some chocolate covered strawberries, too. They were so yummy! She also sent a very sweet note, that was even more special to me because it was in Spanish! Muchisimas Gracias, Mama! Te quiero tanto. No puedo esperar hasta mañana cuando nos vemos! Que LOCO! 

This week (the final week of my mission) has been SO GOOD. I seriously could not ask for a better last week of my mission. I have so much to write and so little time! Here's a list of the week's highlights. 

Monday we had FHE with the rama. I love our Spanish rama so much. I'm going to miss them all! We played a funny game at the end where they taped some cups to the edge of a table, then gave each player a ping pong ball and a balloon. They had to blow up the balloon and set the ping pong ball on the table, then use the air from the balloon to move the ball across the table into the cup. It was hilarious. 

Wednesday was my birthday!!! My roommates and companion are seriously the sweetest ever. I am going to miss them so much! My companion gave me a $25 target gift card! WOW. She knows me so well :) and my roommates gave me chocolate, nail polish, and a few other little things. Then I made some fried pickles (a birthday tradition) and we headed off for district council (my last one! SAD) I love this district so much.  When we got there everyone sang happy birthday to me and then they asked me to impart my wisdom, since I'm so old literally and as a missionary. They asked if there was one thing I wish I had learned earlier in my mission, what would it be? I said that I wish I had realized sooner that ALL of me was called to serve this mission, all my talents and personality traits. So don't hold anything back! I was worried about coming off like a show-off , but really my musical talents have really come in handy and miracles have happened. 

Elder West (district leader) said, "We have really enjoyed having you in our district, you have brought a special spirit into our district." At the end of the meeting Elder Sanchez picked out "Para siempre Dios este con vos" (God Be With You Till We Meet Again) and then Elder Nunez said the closing prayer and was like "Thank you that Hermana Knight could be in our district." I felt so loved! This is definitely my favorite district of my whole mission. Then Wednesday afternoon we did another service project for Colleen. She is a hoot! We were having so much fun. At one point there was this metal box thing and we were like "what is that?" and she said, "Maybe it's a credit card machine? Idk what do you guys think?" We were all just like *crickets chirping* then I spoke up and said, "Colleen, we don't know what a credit card machine looks like..." hahahaha she said, "Wow I feel old now!"
Thursday was a great day, too! We got to go to the temple! (perfect thing to do on my last week!) Sister Reiersen (the bishop's wife) drove us there and we had so much fun telling mission stories and she told us how her and bishop met and got married, etc. That's always such a fun question to ask people.

Friday night we had the BEST visit with our investigator Katie, she has the most perfect questions. Later that day we had planned to do a service project for Sister Lea from the branch, but she actually cancelled on us at the last minute because Amada and Karina needed help moving! So I FINALLY go to see Amada again! I love her so much.

Saturday we had a busy day! First at 10:50 AM I saved my companion's life! There was a bee in our car and she is deathly allergic to bees! It was pretty funny looking back on it. At the time it was really scary, though. Then at 11 we sang at a baptism, then we ran out and changed, because from 12-2 we went to Sister Lea's house for the rescheduled service project. We ended up digging up a whole section of grass in her yard so she can put rocks in its place. It was fun to do service with the district members and we got to talk a lot and I learned a lot about them. 
Then at 4 was Hayley's Baptism!! It went SO WELL! I was so happy. It was my first female baptism, so I've never gotten to hang out "backstage" before! It was so cute when she first got out of the water and we gave her her towel because she said, "Guys! I feel amazing!" She was glowing. After she got done changing, I sang a song. All by myself, no partner and no piano! That was a little scary, but it was the best gift I could think to give her at that time. It was such a great baptism program, one of the best I've ever been to! Such a great way to end my mission. After the program, we went to Hayley's house for a potluck dinner. It was so sweet to see all the support from the ward. It was so wonderful! Saturday night we got transfer calls! Sister Shewell is training! Woo hoo! Also Siste. Fano, who is in White Salmon right now, so that made me excited that White Salmon is getting another greenie! #greenieluck, and Sister Powell will be receiving Sister Robinson here, who is Hermana Aldrich (my MTC companion)'s baby! Sister Powell is nervous to be a "dad" (weird mission lingo) but I think she will do so great!

Yesterday was a very bittersweet day. Church was wonderful and so sad all at the same time. Hayley got confirmed, and her baby got blessed! It was so cute! Also, during Spanish sacrament meeting, Elder West, Elder Gallacher and I all gave a goodbye testimony. Elder West and Gallacher got doubled out and are going to Dalles and Omak respectively. The rest of our district is staying the same, and now Elder Amat will be the new district leader. Man I wish I could have more time here.

I don't know how to describe what my mission has meant to me. I don't think it's really possible, honestly. All I have to say is that if anyone is reading this and considering going on a mission, just do it! You will never regret it. It will be so hard, but SO worth it.

SUPERAR! See you tomorrow

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