Monday, April 10, 2017


So the other day the sisters had a great idea (we actually stole it from the STL's). We took all of our mattresses off of our beds and put them all on the living room floor together and we've been sleeping like that for about 3-4 days now! It's so fun. Pangaea bed! The other night Sister Adamson and I discovered that we both super super love Little House on the Prairie. We also decided that Laura Ingalls Wilder is our spirit animal.

Anyway! The most exciting news of the week is that Haley is on date for baptism!! Mike will still be getting baptized this weekend and Haley next weekend!! Woo hoo!! We are SO excited for them. Haley's story is so cool, too. She has been through so much in her life and her journey to find God has been rough, too. All her family is pretty anti-religion, and have tried so hard over the months to convince her to give up the Church. But she's realized over the last few weeks that she's so much happier when she's praying and going to church and reading scriptures every day. So she's jumping back in, and boy has everyone at church missed her! She came back for the first time this week since having her baby a month ago (there were a lot of complications) and she's getting baptized on April 22

Mike's plans are going well, too! He's set for this Saturday, the April 15. We're so excited for him! His parents will be baptized soon, too. They just have to get married first. There were some big obstacles in the way that we finally got to the bottom of this week. Thanks to the Mitchells (golden members), some miracles are happening and they will be getting married soon! 

Some other fun things of this week:

Saturday we had Zone Training Meeting! My last one.... :/ It was SO AWESOME. I love this zone so much, and my district, too! Everyone gets along really well. We're all super hard working, super obedient, and funny! There was one point where they used a GIANT teddy bear in a role play situation to demonstrate the necessity of our investigators understanding exactly what it is that we (and God) want them to do. They were trying to teach Hermana Young how to do CPR lol. Also, I got to sit by Hermana Hull (best friend ever) and I was so proud of her for all her answers and just hearing her ideas. Everything made me so pumped up and motivated! She really brings out the best in me. I love her so much! Before ZTM that morning we went to a funeral for this lady in our English Ward. Her name was Sister Crane. She was so sweet. It was incredible to see how many people were there, and so many non-members especially! She touched so many people's lives for good. 

We also had an awesome fast Sunday yesterday! I bore my testimony in both the Ward and Spanish branch. I figured I should because it was my last testimony meeting of my mission! It was so weird. We also had a break the fast potluck with the Branch after church. It was so good! I love Mexicans. <3  My district really is so great, too. It's fun being all in the same branch. We all get along so well! Also, last night Sister Powell and I did a presentation about Holy Week for a fireside. 

You know you're an old missionary when your shoes are so worn out you have to put duct tape on the bottom of them to cover up the holes. Haha! 

I HAD to get this picture before two of them went back to BYUI for the summer semester. These are 4 guys in the branch. Elder Nunez (his first name is Helaman) then the kid is Isaiah, the next guy is Jacob, and the guy on the far right is Moroni.

Sister Mrozek back for a visit to the mission!

I think that's about it for the exciting stuff, actually! I can't believe I'm going home in just 2 weeks! Wow. I love and miss you all. 

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