Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 49--Goodbye Goldsalmon!

This is going to be a quickie this week because the computers are broken! Hopefully more next week. 

False Prophecies

Biggest and most important news as you can probably tell is that I'm being transferred! I leave early Wednesday morning to drive to Ellensburg! They have recently started a new Ellensburg Spanish group. So I'll be transferring there and becoming a "Dad"! AKA “Greenie Busting”, or in other words, being Hermana Shewell's first companion after her trainer! 
Okay so now a quick run-down of my week. 
Monday was awesome as usual! P-day fun! Volleyball, soccer, etc. Elder Watt's last P-day!

 Hermana Hull 
AKA "Lonestar"

Tuesday we had the BEST District Council ever. We roleplayed for some specific investigators who are having some really tough problems. Brainstorming together for people with big hurdles. It was a truly revelatory experience. Everyone was joking about me leaving, too which was funny, and when we did transfer predictions, or "false prophecies" as we call it, three people actually guessed correctly that I would go to Ellensburg!

District Council

Wednesday we met a cool family named the Greens. They have a lot of interesting animals they have rescued! two baby deer, a skunk, and a tiny baby squirrel! We got to pet and hold them. Then they told us all about their house's crazy back story. It used to be owned by this crazy Nazi/KKK guy and they keep finding old letters written in German all around the house and property. So crazy! We had an AWESOME lesson with a member, Megan, that night. She shared with us her conversion story and all about how the Book of Mormon changed her life. She showed us a bunch of dark poetry she had written in the past, and then related the Book of Mormon as her "Flashlight". She said "No matter how dark it gets I will always have the Book of Mormon to light the way back up for me."

 Lilly the Skunk

Willow the Deer

Baby squirrel (She doesn't have a name yet.)

 Cool old stuff at the Greens' house

Old German letters found on their property

Thursday we had a great lesson with Raul and one of the youth in the ward, Courtney. It was awesome. We went super deep into the Restoration. 

Friday we found a new Hispanic hub in White Salmon which had previously gone undiscovered by the missionaries! Woohoo!

Saturday we taught Raul again and prepared him for his confirmation on Sunday, which happened by the way. Good thing! Saturday evening, we had a potluck at the church and then got to watch the women's conference with the other Relief Society sisters. It was AWESOME. I love going into Conference with specific questions and then seeing how Heavenly Father will help me to answer and understand them through the sessions. President Uchdorf's talk was perfect for me! 

Saturday night we got TRANSFER CALLS. I got a little bit of anxiety just because it's a change, and I've gotten so used to being here. But it didn't last long because I've had six weeks to prepare myself mentally and ,emotionally for this! I was pretty much expecting it. I've met my new companion a couple of times very briefly and she seems really sweet. So I'm excited. It's going to be SO hard to say goodbye to Herman Hullheart though!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH. 

Goodbye White Salmon building!

Yesterday at church was a little bittersweet I can't believe it was my last week in the White Salmon Ward! I've been here SO LONG. Some funnies from yesterday:

Brother R was teaching Sunday School this week, and we were talking about some chapters in the scriptures where these lawyers are tricking everyone, and Brother M in the class is a lawyer! So of course he was getting a lot of teasing. Then Brother M raised his hand randomly after we had gotten to a different part of the lesson and said "Elder Holland and Elder Oaks are lawyers, I just wanted to point that out!"

Also, at dinner last night we were at the Taylor's house, their four-year-old son would not eat any of his food, because he "didn't like it" even though he hadn't tried it yet. So his dad was like "You are being a fibber when you don't try your food but then tell people you don't like it! Do you want to be called Pinnochio?" Then the little boy was like "*Gasp!* No I don't, Daddy!" Then the dad was like, "Well then try your food before you tell people you don’t like it." Then about a minute of silence went by as we all continued eating. Then the little boy said, "Did you know that (insert politician's name here) is also called a Pinocchio?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We died laughing! The mom was laughing so hard she cried. The dad was like, "I swear I did not teach him that!" Kids are so funny and so smart!

Goodbye Goldsalmon Members!

Well that's gonna have to be it this week. Sorry it's a shorty! Hope you all have an amazing week! I love you!

My cute companion

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