Monday, September 12, 2016

Hermana Hullheart (WHOLE heart)

Me and Hermana "Hullheart"

Hermana Hull is like walking charity. She is SO AWESOME. Ah, I love her so much. Hermana Hullheart is a new nickname I came up with for her this week because I love her so much and she seriously just loves everyone with her whole heart. What an amazing example I have to learn from! 

This week went by like *snaps finger*. Seriously just flew by! P-day was fun last Monday. We played volleyball, AKA my favorite sport to play. It was so fun. 

Tuesday we did some service for Andrea. We helped her do some weeding and trimming in her garden and actually learned a lot! I want to try gardening when I get home. 

Update on the eternigator, Emma- let's just say D&C 75:20 will suffice. 

Wednesday night we went to a SUPER fun service project at the white's house! Pretty much the whole ward family was there. The Whites came back from their mission in Nauvoo on Friday so we were cleaning up the yard and planting flowers for them before they got back. They are such a cool family. He's actually Larissa's brother. Three of the White's kids and their families live in the ward so it's a fun really close extended family. I want to be them! Bro. White stopped us at church yesterday and was like, "I have to meet the famous sisters! Larissa has told me so much about you! Thank you so much for helping my baby sister, it's been a long road for her. Thank you for loving her and helping her." 

At the Service Project

Wednesday we also learned one of our investigators' spouse is divorcing them! Really tough situation right now, and we are so grateful for our district and zone leaders for helping us and giving us advice. Also the Bishop... he's just awesome. 

Thursday we met a funny lady named Joe. and holy cow, we resolved some Mormon MYTHS. Some of them I couldn't believe! People actually believe this stuff? Wow! She was really nice though, so that's good. 

We also visited with Myrtle on Thursday. She's 85 and has a lot of heart problems, so usually she's pretty calm and a little lonely and down too. But this time her 2-year-old great-great grandson was there, and it was so cute to see her all perked up! They had so much fun together :) 

Thursday we ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant with the Clarks. It was so nice to go out. We don't get to do that very often. We also met a really sweet girl names Marizela. She's from Aguascalientes! After that we had an awesome lesson with Raul and three of his friends that are in the Church. It's so amazing to see the youth here and how they
support each other. They are such good friends to each other. At one point we were having a little bit of a struggle with concentration though, because of course all the friends were excited and talking, so I decided to just talk to him one on one in Spanish for a moment. It was really reassuring. It was special to get to hear him really express himself too, in his native tongue. "No se como explicarlo, es algo que me siento cuando leo el Libro de Mormon."

Friday we had a lunch meeting with Bishop. I just gotta say again that he is SO awesome. He helped us answer some important questions that had been bothering us for a while! Then we did weekly awesomeness (planning) and met Raul and Elders Vejnar and Burbank at the church for his baptism interview. He passed! He was so nervous, but he did great! He said it wasn't like a scary interview or anything, just a conversation and getting to share his testimony. 

Something really exciting this week--President Lewis asked us to do a musical number for Zone Conference this upcoming Thursday! We prayed and prayed and prayed and finally found a beautiful arrangement of "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer," and an elder in Yakima will be accompanying for us! We're excited and nervous! It's going to be probably 80ish missionaries. We really want to bring the Spirit!!!!

(To see a video of the Hermanas performing their song, click here.)

Friday night we had a lesson with the Houdens and Sis. Carl. She is so sweet and they clicked so well! Instant friendship. They came to church on Sunday and really liked it! We are having a Family Home Evening with them and the Abkens tonight! I'm really excited. 

Saturday we went to Tyler's goodbye party. He's leaving for college up in Seattle this week! SAD… He showed us his truck that he rolled back in March right before I got here. That kid should not be alive! Miracles are so real. I was actually kind of in shock. It reminded me of when I went to Universal Studios and saw all the stunt vehicles they use in movies... except it was REAL. 

 Tyler's Truck!

Church yesterday was, of course, great as usual! We have a new Relief Society presidency, and one of the new counselors is a recent convert! It's so exciting to see her like this! She's nervous but so excited. We know she'll do awesome. 

Tyler and Raul brought their friend, Abram to church with them! So great! Then we had a lesson with all three of them after church and planned Raul's baptism program for this Friday! We are so excited for him! 

Raul, Abram, and Tyler, looking adorable!

Hermana Hull and I got to go to Primary and help out with Sharing Time. We shared three awesome stories from our missions. The kids just lit up. I LOVE that I have mission stories!!!

Last night we had dinner with the Clarksons, and they are so awesome! We needed to deep clean the inside of our car this morning for car inspections this week and Sis. Clarkson actually offered to let us come over and do our laundry there on her THREE sets of machines and wash and vacuum our car with her stuff while we waited. It saved so much time! Wow! That was so nice. And now Onsonkwanae (our car's name) looks SO GOOD. Woo hoo! 

WELL I think that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love and miss you!!!


p.s. Please don't forget about 9/11/01! Nobody even mentioned a word about it yesterday! Don't let history repeat itself by forgetting about it! 

 Amazing view we found on Snowden Road

 Cute kitty!

 Hermana Hullheart's first experience with "Pizzadillas"
(Knight family invention--kind of like a quesadilla, 
but with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.)

Hermana Hullheart loves tacos!

 Snake I accidentally ran over with the car

The new iPhone 9 ha ha!

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