Monday, May 23, 2016

Transfer week: We're staying! Guess who my new STL is!

We get to stay together one more transfer!

Transfer predictions

One of our STL's, and one of my old comps in Yakima, Hna. Streuling, has completed her mission, so now we are going to be getting a new Sister Training Leader, (drumroll please) HNA. LUEVANO!!!!!!!!! I am so sososososososososososososososososososooooooo excited. This means I will get to have a weekly phone call with her AND do exchanges together! I miss her so much, so this will be really fun. Hna. Dee and Hna. L were companions the transfer before I was comps with Hna. L, too so that will be awesome for them to be reunited before Hna. Dee goes home in July. We were also really excited to find out that Hna. M and I will both be staying right here in White Salmon for another transfer together! We are so happy, because this is a great companionship! Our area has been a little slower lately too, not a lot of new work to be done, and we just really did not want to leave it this way for other missionaries to come into. Hopefully we can get this place a little more on fire before we have to leave. 

So some fun things from this week:
Tuesday-Wednesday Hna. Streuling and Hna. Dee came down for a couple of days to "blitz" our area with us. It's like exchanges, but instead of one of them coming down here and one of us going up there, they just both came down here, and there were double companionships in one area. It was really fun to get to see my old companions again, but also weird! Like two realities colliding! I was with Hna. S and Hna. M was with Hna. D. Hna. S was on fire!! Like I said, she goes home today, so she was like totally YOLO (or maybe YOMO you only missionary once!). Just going for it, no fear, no laziness, nothing. She was awesome. Really fun to be with her on her last week. (Hi Hna. S if you are reading this!) 


 Hermana S missed me!

A "Welcome to White Salmon" cake for our visitors

Tuesday night we (Hna. S and I) went to Juan Oltega's house with a couple of Spanish-speaking members of our ward. Juan is going to be having open heart surgery in a couple of days, so they went to give him a blessing. It was a really powerful visit. We taught about the priesthood, and his wife, who is usually pretty stand-offish we come over, actually stayed for the lesson and was asking lots of questions! It's amazing to see what can happen when people have a humbling experience. After visiting Juan, we went to Emma's house. She’s our eternigator here, and we finally convinced her to let us practice teach her. Bro. T came with us because Bro. T and Emma are like best friends. It was another amazing lesson! Emma has the most interesting and thoughtful answers to questions! She was bringing up stuff I had never even thought of before, so it was great practice and we all learned a lot together. 

Wednesday (still with Hna. S,) literally ALL of our plans fell through!!! Usually in daily planning the night before, we go over what we are going to do the next day and set at least two back up plans for in case it doesn't work out. So for like 4 or 5 hours in a row, all three plans had fallen through. SO we walked... and walked and walked and walked and knocked and knocked and knocked. It was actually pretty fun. We met some interesting people! And we walked about 6-7 miles when all was said and done, so we got a lot of really good exercise. The next day my calves were so sore! Most of the walking was downhill. But hey! The good news is my hip is almost 100%better! It's amazing what an anti-inflammatory shot can do. Also on Wednesday our investigator Darren dropped us. It was so sad!

This last week I was driving just in case Hna. M got transferred, and to make sure that I understand how to get everywhere in our area. It was pretty fun to drive again, but now that we're both staying, she's back to being the designated driver. 

We got to have a sweet visit with one of our favorite people, Larissa, this week. She gave us some awesome picture prints, because she is a photographer! I will probably send some home soon. So be looking out for that. Oh, hey I forgot something! My old Zone Leader from Othello, Elder Shugart, is going to be the new AP (Assistant to the President)! I totally called it! So that's exciting, too.

It's been a bit of an off week, but I'm so happy with the transfer info we got! This transfer is going to be great. 

 Beautiful Sunset

 Having lunch with Tacho!

 We love Tacho's cooking!

The youth of the White Salmon Ward
playing crab soccer! It was so funny!

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