Monday, February 22, 2016

I'm Moving! What?! 4 Months down!

I will miss my roomies!

BIG NEWS. I'm getting transferred! I'm moving to Yakima Central area--100% Spanish speaking! Wow!  So that's huge. Hermana Luevano and I were expecting her to leave, since she's been here for a long time, but not me!! We are being “doubled out” and Elders are coming here to Royal! Actually, all four of us are leaving! Hna. Hall is on her way home. She's done with her mission, and Hirsche and Luevano are going to be companions in Moses Lake! (shout out to Dannai!) and I'm going to Yakima!

"False Prophecies" about the transfer.
Everyone thought I was staying!

My new companion will be Hermana Dee, and it's actually hilarious, because she used to be Hermana Luevano's companion here in Royal before I got here! I've never met her, but all the people here in Royal say she's great and I will love her. At first I was pretty nervous because apparently she doesn't like pink and she doesn't like Texas..... BUT I know as long as I keep a great attitude, we will have a great companionship. I'm excited for what the future holds.

Another thing that made me super nervous that first night when we got the phone call on Saturday night, is that I will be in an only Spanish area. Here, we have Spanish and English, but there I will only be in Spanish! GAH. Also, it's a walking area, which I'm actually kind of excited about. AND THERE'S A TARGET IN YAKIMA. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that? I miss Target so much.

Getting my area ready for two elders to be doubled in is SO STRESSFUL. So anyway, I'm actually really, really sad and having anxiety again, but I'm trying my best to keep up a great attitude. I also got a blessing from our Ward Mission Leader yesterday afternoon, and that helped a ton. The Priesthood power is so real. 

 Last District Council with these guys

So some fun activities this week: (This will be a bit shorter, because I have a lot of stuff to do to get my area ready for two new elders!!!) 

Hermana Luevano has been really sick this week, and now the mission nurse thinks she may have an ulcer :( It's been so hard because we want and need to be out doing things but she is so weak from not eating. On Wednesday Hermana Hall and I actually did an emergency exchange so some work could be done in my area. It was actually a really good day. We met some people who were really anti-Mormon, but they for some reason let us in. Then the woman and I ended up really connecting, because her son is going through a divorce right now. I was able to share a few verses from the Book of Mormon and the Bible with her, and she said "Hmmm, maybe we do have a few of the same beliefs". Then she invited us to come back any time. Miracles!

Hermana Luevano doesn't like soda, but she 
was trying it to help her stomach (didn't work)

Yesterday was my Month-iversary! I am now officially 4 months into the mission. I can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like I have been here forever, and others it seems like I just left yesterday! It's crazy.

MIRACLE FOR REAL: Last night we went to Ana and Belinda's house to say goodbye. It was so, so sad, but then something seriously amazing happened. ANA PRAYED. He has never ever prayed before in his whole life (he is 81) and he always refused to in the past. Holy cow! The new elders better take good care of him!
Another person that was so hard to say goodbye to is Yvonne. She has really become one of our best friends here. She is so sweet and we love her so much. 

Aww, I just remembered something so sweet. I don't know if I've mentioned Earl before, but yesterday at church he came to say goodbye to us and said "I ain't never gonna forget you, you're real special to me, like an angel sent from heaven above." AWW! He’s like a big teddy bear. 

Us with "Earl"

In Sacrament Meeting, Bishop asked us to bear our testimonies, I was bawling. It was so embarrassing, but I love them so much. 

One of the main reasons I wanted to be a missionary is to know what it feels like to love others like Heavenly Father loves them, and I have definitely experienced that here in Royal. 

I have to go pack now! Sorry it's so short! 

Sean and Natalie Gilbert 

 Tyree and Kyle Gilbert and Family

 Jean and Woody, some of our golden members. 
They drop everything and run to help us. We love them!

 The Larios. Anahi makes the best Chorizo!
(my fave food besides fried pickles)

 Kristen, who lets us do laundry at her house

 Janet, one of our "missionary mommas" out here

Jonny, who was baptized a few months ago.
Truly an amazing example.

 Filling boxes at the food bank for the needy

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