Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring Fever!

Monday night we dropped the Ramirez's. Even after the amazing miracle lesson a couple weeks ago with Mark, they are still going around and around and around in circles. We flat out asked them if they want to know if these things are true and they basically said no. They just don't have real intent right now. It's okay, we know we did our best and that we've helped them a lot. Maybe in like 4 years they will be ready!

Tuesday we were in a trio with Sister McCourt. It was fun to get to spend time with her again. We did some service for Sheila and Esther (some elderly ladies in the community) and that was really refreshing. Honestly cleaning is so therapeutic! Even if it's just vacuuming an already clean house. 

We also had a really fun member dinner that day with the Charman's, they are so sweet and even though they don't have a lot of money, they're always doing so much for the missionaries and sign up to feed us so often! We love them. 

We had a really great lesson with Rosa that night. When we talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and how He literally understands everything that we go through, she started to cry. The spirit was so strong. Rosa really is just so special and we love her so much! 

That same night we went to visit the Hernandez family. They were a referral from Lizzie. She's a Spanish speaking member and her brother's girlfriend and her kids just moved in town and are a little less-active, but would fit in and do well in our Spanish group, so we went to meet them and they are so CUTE! The mom is Victoria, and she has 4 kids. Daniel (16), Melissa (13), Hanna (10), and Roberto (9). They are so so so cute, especially Hanna. She has such a strong grip on my heart already. We talked to them about the Spanish group and all the members, and got their information so we can help them sign up for seminary and get their records transferred, etc.

Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Karina and Jamie Reina. They are catching on really well to everything we teach. It's so fun seeing them and we are starting to be friends, too. 
We also went to APOYO--a local food bank specifically geared towards Hispanics to do service. We met some great people this week and even got a little free cheesecake from one of the sisters who works there, Sister Hayworth. She's so nice. 

Thursday in language study, Hermana Tolliver and I decided to mix things up because she's been feeling a little overwhelmed with Spanish lately. We decided to translate a song! (something Hermana Hull and I did) and it was so fun. We translated one of my favorite songs- Joy Parade by Lennon and Maisy. It was actually really good practice for future tense verbs! Haha all the lyrics are like "I will bend and I will sway, I will fight to stand up straight" etc. All things that "I will do" in the future. Also a lot of new vocabulary that way. It's not a bad idea. We also had a great conversation in companion study, and we're both feeling a lot more positive and motivated now about our area. It's like we've been in a slump lately and been feeling pretty down but now we're doing better. I'm even being goofy again, which is good. When Hermana Tolliver was telling me how hard Spanish is, I was like "Hermana! Spanish is as easy as eating a free cheesecake!" haha it was great. We actually have a section on our whiteboard dedicated to "Important wisdom from Hermana Knight" now because of all my quality statements this week.  

We ate dinner with the Reinas that night which was of course DELICIOUS because Hermana Reina is the best cook ever. We also had a great lesson with Alendra and Amy Warren came with us. She's one of our stellar youth here in Ellensburg and is learning Spanish right now. We also visited the Hernandez again! This time the boyfriend and his 3 kids were there too, and they soaked everything up. It was great. 

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day! It was like 35 degrees (like shorts weather compared to what we have been dealing with the last 2-3 months) and the sun was out! Some of our 2-3 feet of snow started to melt, so that was wonderful. Also we got to do planning (weekly awesomeness) with the new schedule finally official for us. It was a little hard but so great. We love the freedom! 

Saturday we had an awesome Zone Training Meeting. It was really edifying and we finally set some good high goals that I love! I've noticed that at least for me, if I set my goals super high, even if it's not 100% realistic, I'll hit a lot higher, but if I set my goals at something that I think I can realistically hit, I'll hit a lot lower. Example: Lets say I have a goal to talk to 100 new people this week, I'll talk to like 60-75, but if I have  a goal to talk to 60-75 people that week it'll be like 40-50. 

Some awesome quotes from Zone Training Meeting about goal setting:

"Consistency is good, but progression is better" - Sis. Boehmer
"If you're consistently reaching goals that are below your potential, you're consistently failing" - Elder Olsen. 
I left that meeting feeling super pumped up and motivated. 

That afternoon we had a great lesson with our investigators, Margarita and Juan. We actually brought LeBron with us, which was a first because we've never had him in a lesson with us before, but he did so well! He's a fantastic teacher. 

That night was also really great! We had our first group activity! It was so fun. We all got together at the Reinas house for some food and conversation, it was so great to see everyone bonding and becoming more tight-knit. 

Sunday was great too. We had such a good Sunday school lesson. It was all about the Holy Ghost and His role in our lives. It was so special that the spirit that was in the room, because it's the Spanish Sunday school class so it's all our group members that are there. Since they'd all just bonded a bunch the night before, the love was like magnified times a thousand! Belinda gave the lesson this time, and she did such a great job! At the end there were tears shed again just like Rosa's lesson earlier that week. We also had a great Relief Society lesson, which I loved. It was all about positivity and optimism. 

After church we stopped by one of our investigators but she didn't answer! Usually we knock 3 times or so and if they aren't there we just move on to whatever we had planned next, but this time I was like... "We should knock seven times!! Why not?" So we did and on the seventh knock, Sabrina (investigator) pulled up in her car! Haha it was so cool!

After we talked to Sabrina we were going to leave to go to our dinner appointment, but we still had about 15 minutes until we needed to go, so we skimmed the apartment complex and saw one across the street that had a broken down tailgate in the front yard with the word "NEGRETE" spray painted on it, that's a fairly common Mexican last name so we were like, "Let's knock on their door! Why not?" We did and turns out it was a huge Mexican family party! They were like, "Pasen! Pasen!!" (Come in! Come in!) and sat us down and gave us some water and then we talked to a bunch of them! We now have 4 new people we got contact info from! And a couple of return appointments, so that's cool! 

We then had dinner with the Walter family (love them!) and then had a lesson with the Gonzales family with Mark Shipman. It was so great!! 

It was a really good week. I'm so happy! I hope this fake spring sticks around for at least another week. The sunshine makes a big difference!

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