Monday, January 16, 2017


So there's this thing on the mission called your "trunky call" and it's when a missionary has about 3-3 1/2 months left on their mission so Sister Call (at the mission office) calls you and make sure your driver's license is up to date, and to talk about future school plans, and to schedule your FLIGHT FOR GOING HOME. I got mine on Friday! I was so shocked!! Like, no way am I old enough for this!! 

This week was really good in general, and we found a lot of new people to teach, although there's not a whole lot story-wise to share. 

Monday we had a really good p-day. We actually took a couple of hours to go over to Sister Roberson's house and she let us use her sewing machine to mend a bunch of our clothes. It was so nice of her and super great for us! I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe now. 

(Thanks Mom and Grandma for teaching me how to sew)

After p-day we went to the Reina's house and had Family Home Evening with them. It went really well. We watched "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" with them. It's a really great movie that explains the Restoration very thoroughly. It was cool because one of their twin daughters, Katalina's boyfriend was there and he's not a member. His eyes were so fixed on the movie the whole time! Afterwards Katalina was like "he totally could have just been making that all up...everyone just had to take his word for it" and her boyfriend was like "Katalina, he wouldn't have gone through all of that and even gotten KILLED for it if he was just making it all up." it was so cool. 

Tuesday we went to Days for Girls (local service project) and it was super fun as usual. We met Adriana and Rodrigo, a new family we are teaching. We also met Amanda when Mark Shipman went out with us that night. It was awesome, Mark just got home from his mission in Colombia and he is a really great teacher! We are learning a lot from him. 

Wednesday I was on exchanges with Sister McCourt! I love her so much.  We went to try to visit Rosa at her store but she was swamped! So we helped her out by organizing some stuff and mopping the floor for her. Then we visited Hermana Teresa after that. She's doing a million times better. It was so good to see her happy and smiling again. She got a priesthood blessing last week from Brother Robins and you could tell it helped her so much! She was so grateful and appreciative of it. We also meet a sweet lady named Alex from Nicaragua. At first she looked so dark I thought she might be Indian, but then she started speaking Spanish to her kids, which made me so excited! She's got a really great relationship with God already and is excited to learn more with us. She said "I never close the door or be mean to missionaries because I never know - maybe God is trying to tell me something." I just thought that was such a great attitude. After that we met Jackie and had such a powerful lesson with her! She actually ended up in tears on the doorstep even before we went into her house. After dinner we went to the church and got to teach mutual for the young women. It was SO FUN. The youth here are amazing. We talked all about member missionary work (my faaaaave) and used a lot of stuff from the missionary next door by Diana Hoelsher. 

Thursday- I forgot to mention we've been going to the church in the mornings like from 6-7 am to play basketball with the other missionaries here in Ellensburg. It's been so fun! I just remembered that because I was going to talk about how we had District Council on Thursday morning. It was pretty good! Hermana Tolliver gave her first training. It was all about keeping the sabbath day holy and how to better help people understand what that means. She did so good!! I was so proud of her. I also loved getting to talk with Sister Carroll for a while during lunch. It was super refreshing and just great getting to catch up. I love her. 

After that we went to visit Guadelupe and got some great ideas from her on activities we can do with our little Spanish group. We're trying to unify them more. Then we visited a few more potential investigators and went home for dinner and some members had ordered a pizza for us! That was so nice! We never get treats like that. After dinner we went to visit Daniel with Brother and Sister Robins. It was good but a little awkward. We are starting to see the interest level go down with him. It's really sad when that happens. We just have to have faith that when the time is right, God will make sure missionaries in the future find him again. 

Friday we went to Bishop's company in the morning as usual, and had delicious carnitas tacos. He's actually hired quite a few new guys, so it was fun getting to know some new people. Froylan is so funny!! And Valerio loves to tease us. After we got home we were about an hour into our weekly planning (awesomeness) session when SISTER CALL CALLED and I got my trunky call. Like I said- I was shocked! It took me a few minutes after that to get back into the groove of planning. 

Saturday was SO COLD. It has been around -10 to about 18 degrees the last week, and Saturday we had plans to go tracting with Brother Steadman. We were only out there for about 45-50 minutes and our lips started to turn blue!! It was SO COLD GAH. I wish I had some nice boots like Sister Tolliver! Although even her feet were starting to get a cold by the end of it. 

That night we had another great visit with the Reina's. We're really starting to be in a good place with them. I love being a missionary. 

Sunday was great church was great! That's all I can say it's just great I love going with the 1st ward. And all but 3 of our group members came! It was a miracle for real. 

I think that's actually it for this week! I wish there were more exciting things to report! Next week is Zone Conference- so get ready for tons of pics!

GIANT Snickers bar Sister Tolliver got for Christmas

us being cute this morning

Love and miss you all!

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