Monday, December 5, 2016

"Ah Nuts!"

So this week, our super solid, awesome recent convert/ lifeblood of the Spanish group, Fernando, decided to up and move to Utah randomly. When we texted our group leader about it, all he said back was "Ah nuts" Same, Brother Robins, Same.

Goodbye, Fernando!

Really quick rundown of this past week:
Monday was great! We finally got to play volleyball! I've been wanting to for like 10 weeks but we couldn't find a net! Patience. We also had an awesome FHE with the Adams family in 1st ward. They invited one of our Spanish members, Lebron to come, too! It's so cool to see the support.

Also Sister Atkinson and Sister McCourt wrote an awesome "Missionary 12 Days of Christmas" 1 awesome package from home, 2 tracting shoes, 3 name tags, 4 pros bags, 5 rolls of toilet paper, 6 meals this week, 7 new referrals, 8 hundred miles, 9 leather watches, 10 p-day hours, 11 planner covers, 12 hours of sleep!

Tuesday we were in a trio with Sister McCourt because Sister Atkinson had MLC in Yakima. We had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Alex, and then went to a delicious taco truck for lunch! It was a suggestion from a member that we go there and it was so good. We gave them a bunch of Ilumina el Mundo cards too! After that we accidentally found a new trailer park we didn't know was there before and ended up finding a new investigator, too! She was so nice and actually really loved the Book of Mormon. She said it just made sense.

Wednesday we said goodbye to Clemencia (our investigator). She's going back to Mexico until February, but it was a good last lesson. We read Alma 20 together. Then we did some service for some elderly people. It was such a struggle at Sheila's house because she was watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and it was so hard to not get distracted and watch it!!

Thursday I went on an exchange with Sister Atkinson. I love her so much! We started off with lunch at Hermana Martinez' house and then we taught her how to do family history! It was so fun. Then we went and anonymously raked all the leaves at the Institute Building for the Light the World Kickoff Day! Dec 1 worldwide service day. After that we went back to that trailer park we had found earlier in the week, and it turns out Sister Atkinson had been there before a long time ago on exchanges with the hermanas and she was able to tell me where these former investigators live who we have been looking for a long time! It was a definite miracle. We picked them back up, turns out they were looking for us, too! they've still been reading and praying this whole time.

 Raking leaves at the Institute Building with Sister Atkinson

After that we went to the Reinas (love them!), and Sister Atkinson shared a really cool Christmas message with them using the Parable of the 10 Virgins form Matthew 25:1-13 Usually people connect that story with preparation, but she connected it to service and how when we do service that's when we really come to know Jesus. Light the World!

Friday we had some delicious carnitas Tortas at Bishop's work. It was so delicious! We also go to go to 2nd Ward's Christmas party. It was really fun and good to get to meet a lot more members of that ward. It's hard because we don't go to church in the same building as them, since there are two here in Ellensburg. So it was nice to get to see them in a group. We also got to participate in the program with the English elders serving in their ward.

Saturday was Zone training meeting. One of my favorite moments was when we all went around and shared a little bit of why we decided to go on missions. The Spirit was so strong! you just never know what people have been through!  We also practiced our song for the Christmas gathering on Wednesday! I'm so excited! More details on that next week. That night we went to 1st Ward's Christmas  party. It was also fun! and we got to be "waitresses." Ha ha It was so nice having an excuse to go around to all the tables and talk to and see everyone. Everyone in our group came, except Rosa, because she had to run her store. Even Brother Roman came and he hasn't been to church in 20 years! Wow!

Our zone at ZTM!

Yesterday was such a great day at church! And how awesome was that First Presidency Christmas Devotional?  Especially the 3rd song that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang was SO beautiful.

Today it's snowing! Woo Hoo! First snow of the season.

Excited about snow!

Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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