Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 52--The Busiest Week Ever

Monday was not a usual P-day. We just emailed for an hour then had a regular proselyting day. Some highlights of the day: FHE with the Dillons. they have a seriously cute little girl named Tanya. She's 2. We also got to visit the Reinas again. They were really busy so we planned on coming back the next day to help her.

Tuesday was a day of service! In the morning we did a Days For Girls service project. It was really cool! Sister Lewis (mission president's wife) is super involved with that organization so we've heard a lot about it. It was so awesome to finally get to see it in action and be a part of it!

Days for Girls! 

After that we went to the Reinas and helped Hermana Reina make 150 tamales! It was really fun, and now I finally know how to make them! We also listened to some beautiful Spanish Christian music (my fave genre). 

Tamales with the Reinas 

Then we did service cleaning for a few elderly people in the community. We've been working with a local non-profit organization that helps people in need (especially old people) with their cleaning, yard work, moving, etc. Its an awesome way to meet people and always have service opportunities available. 

Then we went to some member's house and made "Nephi's boat" with their two kids, who are 5 and 6. It was so cute! We made it out of straws and tape. We talked to them about faith and how Nephi had to have a lot of faith throughout his life. They loved it! It was Hermana Shewell's idea. SMART. 

Then we had dinner with the Wardens. They are so much like my family--all daughters and the personalities match up! Pretty fun. 

Then we went to the Family History Center with an investigator, Katrina, and Fernando, the recent convert. It was really fun and they got super excited to find some more names, but then we had a kind of scary experience. So we didn't know that Kat didn't have a car so we all said goodbye and got in our cars and started driving away when we noticed she was walking! It was cold and rainy and super dark outside plus there's been a lot of those clown guys on campus lately, so we were like that's not okay! But we have a rule that we can't drive anyone in our mission cars! MAN! so we were trying to call some members to come pick her up and drive her home,and then these freaky guys in those white hockey masks that serial killers wear drove by in this big white truck and they were screaming some very not okay things at us. Then the drove back by, and by again, and again! Like four times! We were getting freaked out and the members wouldn't answer the phones! So we were like "well the rule is that we can't drive you anywhere, but there's no rule that says you can't sit in the car with the doors locked!! Fortunately the Belindez were able to come and save the day! We made them some cookies. 

Wednesday we had District Council in the morning, my first since being here in Ellensburg. It was pretty good! Then we went to lunch at this local taco truck stand and had the yummiest chorizo and carnitas tacos ever! Then we went to Sis. Hansen's house to help her pack because they are moving to Yakima soon. After that we had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator, Lorena. A member, Sister Kennedy, came and she was so awesome! She's only been a member of the church for about three years, so she's really got a fire burning for missionary work. 

After our lesson we had dinner with the Olsens Their house is SO CUTE. Here are some pictures :) 

Thursday we went to the TEMPLE!! woo hoo! That's why our P-day was weird this week. It was so awesome. Then we got to go to Costa Vida!! Woo hoo! The rest of our day was pretty much running around like a headless chicken trying to get our usual 6-hour P-day stuff to fit into 2 hours! 

 Temple Trip!

Costa Vida! 

After we got done with all of that we went to meet Bishop Weaver (3rd ward) and his family. We told them the story of "Feeding Consuela" (you should totally look it up) and they loved it! WE love members! 

Friday was just a weird day with basically nothing to report. 

SATURDAY WAS AWESOME BECAUSE WE GOT TO GO TO WHITE SALMON AND WATCH MAX GET BAPTIZED!!! We were so grateful to the Hansens for driving us to Yakima, and then Elder and Sister call from the mission office for taking us to White Salmon! It we so fun to see Hermana Hullheart again and finally see Max overcome his hurdles and take this step! He was so happy! I also got some LETTERS, which never happens. Thank you Coopers and Grandma and Grandpa! It made my day even better! 

Beautiful White Salmon...I've missed you!

 Max's baptism

Sunday was a great day. There was actually a pretty obvious not purposeful theme- charity. We read the parable of the Good Samaritan in both hours of Sunday school and Relief Society! The Spirit was really strong. I already love this ward so much. :) Then last night we went to dinner at the Gaylord's house they have some seriously cute kids! And some really powerful testimonies. It was awesome. Then we met a Less-active member named Sariah, and she has a MANDOLIN. Good news, I can still play, even after not touching one for over a year! It took me a minute to remember and warm up to it, but then we were able to sing some hymns together. IT was a beautiful visit. :) 

P-day has been great so far today. I gutted my closet and room and we deep cleaned the apartment. It feels so amazing to be clean and organized! I'm beginning to actually love change. 

And I love my mission!

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