Monday, November 14, 2016

The Hearts of the Nieces Shall Turn to their Uncles (Malachi 4:6)

Crazy week this week! 

Monday was our last P-day with the zone how it's been. Quite a few people got transferred, so although it's like a 40-45 minute drive, we decided to all meet down in Selah and have P-day together. It was super scary and also funny and also a miracle, because we had forgotten to get some gas that morning while we were running around for p-day stuff, and then we realized about halfway there that we were like 99% out of gas!! The car said we had a range of 7 miles left, and it was 15 miles to the next gas station! We were so grateful there was a lot of downhill so we could coast a lot, and Hermana Shewell and I were definitely praying, and we totally made it to the gas station!! It was a miracle for sure! There's not cell service in the canyon so idk what we would have done! 

It was a fun P-day. We played “Mafia,” which I haven’t' done since those game nights at the Dotson's such a long time ago! It was fun. Then after P-day we went around and said goodbye to a few members for Hermana Shewell. We also had an Family Home Evening with the Kirks all about Family History (a theme this week). At first when we got there, the kids were in a pretty bad mood and being kind of bratty, but then as we started talking about family history they started to calm down and we actually had a really cool conversation where the kids told us some stories that they've heard about their ancestors. It was so cool to see how Family History brought the Spirit!

Tuesday we participated in the Days for Girls project at the church. It was so fun! I love sewing. 

 Days for Girls

She doesn't like ironing. Ha ha!

We also met a lady named Sister Parker. It turns out she knows, Diane Rogers, one of my old piano teachers, and Hermana Hull's parents, and my mom's fianc√©’s family (the Marburgers!) She was in the same ward as the Hulls and the Rogers at one point, and also she was 2 of Bobby's older Sisters' Beehive advisors!  It was so cool. What in the world? #smallworld

Sister Parker and I

After the project we went to the Reinas so that Hermana Shewell could say goodbye. It was really sad! They are so close. Sister Reina is doing really well with her recovery, though! 

We had dinner with the Wylies that night. Their daughter and I had a funny time talking back and forth in "Miranda" voice! Ha ha it was great. 

Wednesday we had to wake up at 5AM because we had to have Sister Goodrich, Sister Shewell, and Sister Grigg at the transfer site down in Yakima by 7:45am, which meant leaving Ellensburg at like 6:15-6:30. it was crazy. It was so so so so soooooooo sad saying goodbye to Hermana Shewell. Tears were definitely shed! Then Sister Atkinson, Sister Carroll and I were a trio for the day while we all waited for our new companions to arrive. Sister Atkinson has been trying to understand and learn how to do family history for a while now because we're always talking about how much we love it and how it comes in handy for teaching and finding, so we took the opportunity while we were companions for me to teach her how to do it! It was so awesome, because we all three started finding some really cool stuff, like interesting records, etc., especially about our great-uncles, and uncles! It was so cute because Sister Atkinson was like, "I finally understand what the Spirit of Elijah feels like! It's not just looking up papers about dead people! It's actually fun!" I started finding a bunch of stuff on my great uncles on my Grandpa Knight's side, and my Great Grandpa Knight. Turns out he was a baker!

After that at around 1pm I met Sister Buss at the transfer site! She's really tall and really sweet! She's from Orem, Utah, and loves math! I can already tell we are going to learn and grow a lot this transfer. 

 I packed 10 suitcases, 4 big tote bins, and 3 bedding sets
all into a mini van. My mom would be proud.

 Saying goodbye

Hermana Buss and I

Thursday we raked a TON OF LEAVES. Holy cow. SO many leaves. We also had a meeting with our new Spanish group leader, Brother Robins, he is SO awesome! he's doing a really great job already of getting everyone pumped up. Also that night I got asked to play the piano for a baptism that upcoming Saturday for Kallie and her son, Derek. Sister Goodrich was going to play, but then she got transferred. I was a little nervous, because I hadn't played in like at least 6-7 weeks, but it turned out just fine! Fortunately, they chose a couple of really easy songs. " I am a Child of God" and "When I am Baptized" (The “I like to look for rainbows” song.) 

I'll just skip Saturday for time's sake.

Sunday was SO GOOD. As usual! I love our ward. The Spirit is always just so strong, and I always feel so happy when I go to church. 

Hermana Buss and Elder Vejnar both gave talks in Sacrament, being the newbies here, and nearly every member of our little Spanish group came to church... AGAIN. Last week we had 9/11 and this week we had 8/11. The only reason why it dropped down one is because Santos has the flu. It was pretty exciting to fill up two pews again. Rosa was so happy at church. It was the happiest I've ever seen her. 

We had a really great RS lesson, too! It was all about faith. Some of my favorite quotes were (by Howard W. Hunter):

"The supreme achievement of life is to find God and to know that He lives."

"The most powerful force in human nature is the spiritual power of faith.”

So I guess the theme this week was faith and family history! 

That's all!
I love and miss you all! 

 I decorated for Christmas!!!

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