Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 40--Prayer Works (and Hump Day celebration!)

It was a crazy and awesome week this week!

Monday we were playing ultimate Frisbee at a park, and I got hit in the face with the Frisbee and had a purple lip all day.... I think I'll take a break from playing sports with the elders for a while. This is injury #9480572984502485209348752345, it seems like...

Tuesday we went and visited a few less-active members, and taught Romero with the Hood River hermanas. We are passing him to them, since he actually lives in Hood river. He got his baptism interview yesterday is ready to go! We had a really fun time planning his baptism service with him, the other sisters, and the Hood River Ward mission leader.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty “meh”. We were driving ALL DAY. Usually, I don't mind, and the scenery is totally gorgeous here, but it was just too much for me to be in the car for pretty much two days straight. We had a lot of extra miles, so we decided to go out to our borders and check on some less-active members. Plus, we have been getting a LOT of member referrals lately, and one was out in Glenwood (border of the area) and sounded really promising. We went out to talk to them, but we had the wrong address and spent about 2-3 hours looking for a farm that wasn't there! Fortunately we got the right address now from the member and are going to try again next week. :) Thursday night I started feeling super icky. I don't even totally know how to explain it, but I just felt terrible. I felt like I was just really worn down or something spiritually and emotionally, so we said a prayer and I decided to get a blessing from a brother in the ward. It was kind of interesting that his name was the one that popped in my head, but as soon as we stepped foot in their house I knew this is where I needed to be. The Spirit returned to me, and I felt peaceful again as soon as his hands were on my head. He said he felt honored to be asked to give a missionary a blessing, and that he hasn't had a chance to share his priesthood with anyone in a long while. Prayer works!

Friday a miracle happened. A few weeks ago, on Hna. M's last day here, we stopped by our investigator, Max's house to say goodbye. He had been progressing awesomely, and we were going to pop the baptism question really soon. But then he came out and met us on the porch and said that we actually needed to take a break from our lessons for a little while. His wife was starting to get freaked out because she had heard some really bad lies about our church. He said he still believes and everything but that he needs his wife to be okay with it, so he wanted a little bit of time to be able to teach her and share his testimony with her. We asked if we could help resolve her concerns at all, but he said she wouldn't be comfortable talking to us. So we figured all we could do was pray! So the last three weeks Hna. H and I have been constantly praying for their family. Every single prayer, "Please bless Jane that her heart will be softened."

And then it happened! Friday night we got a super long text from him. He said that he needed to meet up with us and Bishop, because he had an amazing spiritual experience and knows he needs to be baptized and join the church. It was amazing! So we met up with him and Bishop during his lunch break on Saturday morning, and talked about all of it. It turns out, his wife is actually a consultant for a company named Lula Roe. It's a multi level marketing type business started by LDS members, and they sell modest clothes for women and girls.  Their family is getting really into her Lula Roe business, so they went down to California for the weekend to a Lula Roe convention. There were a ton of Mormon families there, and it was really inspiring for them. He said looking around and talking to everyone he could just tell there was something different about these people. The families were so close knit and there was a "light about them". He said that's exactly what he wants for his family, and he can tell the Gospel is what makes the difference. He was seeing all the successes these families were experiencing and knew it was Heavenly Father blessing them for all their efforts to be examples of the believers. He ended up talking to a ton of people and making a bunch of new Mormon friends from all over the country. I actually got pretty choked up when he was telling us about all of this because it reminded me about how in the Lord's church we are all a big family, and that no matter where you go, you always have a home! And we can always depend on each other. Who would have thought the wavering Washingtonian investigator, being taught by a couple of Texan missionaries, would go to California and meet a bunch of Mormons from all over at a clothing convention and be converted to the Gospel? It's truly amazing the way that Heavenly Father works! It was also really sweet to hear about how he was telling everyone that he had been meeting with the missionaries, and they were encouraging him. We even have member support in California. I LOVE MORMONS. <3

Saturday we went over to Larissa's house to practice teach her and one of her non-member friends. (Larissa is an AMAZING member missionary) and then had a mini-celebration, because on Thursday was my “hump-day” and Sunday Hna. Hull hit 2 months! My baby is growing up so fast! It was a great celebration, and there was even a rainbow in the sky!

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 Hump Day and Two Months!

 Celebration with Larissa

 My awesome Hump Day present from my Momma.

Sunday was a great day. We got a go-ahead from Bishop to teach the 5th Sunday lesson at church! We are going to talk about member missionary work and share a few clips from "The Missionary Next Door" by Diane Hoelscher. It's really great, and member missionary work is a huge focus for the Washington Yakima Mission right now. I'm so excited to get it into hyper drive!

Well, I think that's it for this week. I'll probably think of some things I forgot later, but that's the major stuff. Prayer works and miracles are real.

I love and miss you all a lot.

 An alpaca named Angus we met at a member's house

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