Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Fun" Week!

Can y'all believe I have already been on my mission for over a month?! Sometimes it seems like the time is flying by, and others I'm just like...I can't remember what it's like to not be here. It feels like forever. I miss my family a lot, but my homesickness is almost gone. Don't worry though, I'm still showing off my Texas pride all the time though. Ha Ha! :)

So tons of "fun" things happened this last week. First I got my nose cauterized on Tuesday, and then Thursday I chipped one of my two front teeth!! It was so weird and hurt my lip so bad because it was sharp! I went to the dentist and got it fixed though and you can hardly even tell. They were playing Christmas music in the waiting room and I was so excited, because "Merry Christmas, Darling" by the Carpenters came on and that's one of my momma's favorite songs by her favorite singer ever. It made me miss her, but not in a bad way.
 Going to the Dentist

Finding Nemo at the Dentist!

We like listening to Karen Carpenter!

My tooth is fixed!

Then on Sunday night Hermana Naulu ended up in the emergency room!! It was pretty scary because I was on a split with a couple of the other sisters, and my companion was on a split with Hermana Naula and Hermana Alexander. They were all three gone, and I didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that Elder Harman said Hermana Naulu got really sick and couldn't feel her hands. Then the Sister training leaders got a phone call from the front desk saying they sent them to the ER! We didn't know anything until about 10:30 that night when they finally got back, so my district was all praying together a bunch. Turns out the other day when we were playing volleyball Hermana Naulu got hit in the head by an elder's elbow on accident and got a concussion!! So she's been taking some naps, trying to take it easy in class, and we're all trying our best to help her when we can.

We've been playing the nativo game in my district this week. It’s where we have 10 slips of paper that we all draw from in the morning or the night before, and they all say something but only one says “nativo” on it. Then everyone has to talk like a native Spanish speaker all day and then at night we vote on who was the native. If the person who actually was the native wins, they get 2 points, and if the person who wins isn't the actual native they get 1 point. So far I have 0 points because I already talk in Spanish so much, my friends can't tell if I'm doing it for the game or not.
The New District

The District boys being silly

Random hilarious thing- Sunday night devotional the speaker asked a few people to come up and tell everyone something they sacrificed or gave up to be on a mission right now, just to help us realize that everyone is relatable and has problems. Most of them were like "being with my family" or "going to school" but then this one guy was like "spending time with my three cows". It was hilarious.

This week all the English-speaking Yakima missionaries got here. It's weird because they are traveling with us, but they just got here! The stay for English missionaries is so short! I got my travel plans. I have to go to the travel office next Tuesday Morning at 3:30 am!! It's crazy! I’m not looking forward to that but definitely looking forward to finally going to Washington.

I ran into some sisters from Mexico the other day and started talking to them. They are going to Tokyo, Japan, but they said my Spanish is really good. They were surprised when they found out I had only been here for 5 weeks. They said they would have expected 9 weeks with how well I was speaking. I was so happy to hear that. Also, we talked to a lady at the temple today who is from Peru. I love using the language! One of the teachers here, Hermana Boza is from peru and the other day my companion and I got to help her translate something so she can give a talk in church at her English ward this Sunday. It was really nice to be able to do service and help someone using both of my languages! I love Spanish so much. It just makes like 10,000 times more sense than English. And it's so much prettier!

I realized two weird things this week about being here at the MTC. First, that I will probably never again in my life spend this much time with a group of nine other people. Seriously! Even married people don't spend this much time together. I'm amazed we haven't had a fight or anything yet. (Knock on wood!) There's actually a few districts I've heard of around that are having feuds... That is so sad. The other thing I realized that's kind of weird, is that I know these kids so well but I don't know their social media personalities at all! 

P.S. Don't forget my address is changing in 6 days people! So if you want to write me please send it to Yakima, not the MTC.

Sister Alison Knight
Washington Yakima Mission
1006 S. 16th Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902

The last district that was here when we were here left this week. It was so sad, it feels like our zone died or something! We have a bunch of new missionaries that came this week and I really like them a lot, but it's just not the same. We're the oldest now, so it's really weird. Hermana Naulu and Hermana Alexander are the new sister training leaders, and Elders Cordon and Morrison are our zone leaders. Also, our branch president was released, so that was sad. I like the new one a lot though.

One of the Hermanas that just left this week is Hermana Taylor Clegg. I found out that she went to Lone Peak HS and is actually best friends with my friend’s little sister! Small world! It's really a shame that we didn’t' figure that out sooner, because we really had a good time reminiscing about Mama J and choir. 

 Hermanas Clegg and Knight

Hermanas Knight and Quintana

 Hermanas Staker and Knight

Hermanas Clegg, Quintana, Frost and Staker

All the Hermanas before they left

An hour ago when I was doing my laundry one of the counselors in the MTC presidency came in and asked us if we could help move some stuff for our Thanksgiving service project. So we did, and then we got to go to this weird place at the MTC where I have never seen before, and they were blasting the Beach Boys through these loud speakers! It was so weird, but I was excited about "Barbra Ann" (shout out to my pa). 

Anyway, I have to go so I can send pictures, but I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support. Shout out to Candi for her sweet Thanksgiving email. Thanks Candi! And thanks to my sister Emily for her letter. Love you, Em. Talk to ya’ll in a few days!  We are allowed to call before we get on the plane just to let them know what's going on. I'm looking forward to hearing my mom's voice. And maybe one or three of my sisters.  I miss you all so much. Love you. 

 My Mosiah pages are getting really colorful!

 The "Cream Soda Tree" smells so good!

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